How To Stop Stuttering

One thing you should know about stuttering is that you can stop it if you put your heart and mind into it. Remember that it’s considered a serious speech defect, but you should realize that it’s curable. Stuttering is one thing you should not ignore. That’s because it can lead to mental frustration for both the individual suffering from it and the people around. In this guide, we’ll look at tips on how to stop stuttering.


  1. Prepare Your Mind

Nervousness or anxiety is among the primary causes of stuttering. That means you should prepare your mind by relaxing it, which will enable you to solve the problem. Among the best ways to relax, your mind is by having a clear and proper mindset. For example, when it’s your time to speak, make sure you know what to say and give yourself some minutes to clear your mind.


  1. Think of Someone You’re Comfortable Talking To


You may stutter when talking in front of people you’re not familiar with. The best way to go about is to picture talking to someone you’re comfortable being around. In the event that you aren’t comfortable saying a certain word, you should avoid it. If you’re in the company of people who don’t bring out the best in you, you should imagine you’re in the company of close family members or friends.


  1. Talk Softly


Speaking softly and letting your muscles lose enables you to calm down. That means you should avoid trying to talk fast, which can result in you stuttering.


  1. Read Aloud While Blocking the Sound Out


When alone at home, practice reading out loud and blocking out the resulting sound. Make sure you have a recorder nearby to enable you to listen back to your recording. It will enable you to determine if you’re stuttering and in the process know which areas you need to improve.




The above informative post on how to stop stuttering should make it easier for you to deal with these issues. Remember to relax and practice breathing exercises for the best outcome. At home, make your surroundings relaxing by adding the best plants to grow indoors.